Steel Processing Service

Production Cutting

Choose the specifications and we make the necessary cuts for you.


The cuts will be straight and clean with our reliable guillotining service.

Hole Punching

Covering sheet metal and thin bar stocks.


For tubes, angles bars and sheet, this punches notches into the steel.

Nationwide Delivery

williamhill娱乐Free delivery across the UK for orders over £135 + VAT.

Specialist Products

We source and provide most steel-related items.

Mitre Cutting

Many different angled cuts for steel tubes and channels.

Flame Cutting

For a good edge finish on thicker plates and steels

Plasma Cutting

williamhill娱乐Useful for cutting through various thicknesses of steel.

Water Jet Cutting

williamhill娱乐High-pressure water jets cut steel to any shape or size.

Bending & Press Brake

williamhill娱乐Sheet and plate steel can be bent to varying degrees.

Mill Rolling

williamhill娱乐For larger stock orders direct from the mill.

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williamhill娱乐If you have any technical questions call our office and our qualified staff will assist you.

williamhill娱乐Send us an email and one of our team will respond to you as soon as possible.